Graphic design of white paper report cover design

Design a Report as Compelling as its Content

You’ve poured hours of research into an in-depth report. It’s packed with useful data and valuable intelligence. How do you ensure that it isn’t treated like a boring piece of dry toast? With the right design you can ensure that your report won’t get lost in the shuffle on the desk of your association members or corporate stakeholders. The expertise of a graphic designer will help you take your report to the next level by making it just as compelling visually as the content it contains.

At Eyedea Advertising and Design Studio, we make it our mission to help your work stand out above the rest. We pore over our customers’ detailed reports to highlight important facts that might otherwise get lost. We bring to life nuances surrounding complex issues with diagrams and imagery and simplify the absorption of intricate statistical data with custom infographics.

We understand complex issues need creative problem solving, so we use visual problem solving to create an attractive and easy-to-read product for professional presentation. A little color, an inventive cover, compelling infographics, and intentional typography all make a world of difference when communicating multifaceted data that requires acute understanding.

Take a look at our recent design for PMMI’s report on Global Market Trends in Automation. We have emphasized intricate data to make it more accessible with graphs, charts, infographics, title text, subheadings, and quotes.

Sound Design Combined with Stunning Research

This is one of many reports we have designed for PMMI. We have created a visual branding standard that sings across a string of multiple reports and white papers. This gives PMMI a cohesive look across their market research products, making them more recognizable to their members in the long term.

This report was a successful piece that did not get lost on the desk of a stakeholder because it combined sound design with stunning research. Whether it’s a 3-page white paper or a 500-page report, Eyedea can create a design as compelling as your content. 

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A wonderful review from a wonderful client, on our graphic design work on large research reports.

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