Design Anatomy 101: Marketing Email

Design Anatomy 101: Marketing Email

Breaking down the design anatomy of a marketing email starts with creating a hierarchy of information. Your most important information will start at the top and work its way down in importance, much like a newspaper article. Use your basic who, what, where, when, why and how writing components to address your target audience. Don’t forget to write a catchy email subject line and preview text.

Section 1: “Above the Fold”

Hopefully, your compelling email subject line has gotten your reader to open your email! “Above the fold” refers the content that your reader will see first when they open the email and before scrolling. (See section 1 on our diagram.) This is your most important section. It will determine if your reader will scroll down lower to see more of your content or not. It needs to immediately communicate your most pertinent information. Your logo should be present and should include the reason for sending the e-mail. This is the Who, What, Why.

Section 2: Dig a Little Deeper

As the reader scrolls, section two is where you will give the reader more details. This is a great area for product photos, descriptions, details, and benefits of your product/service. Are there other things the reader needs to know about your product? Are you 100% organic? Are you US made? What separates you from your competition?

Section 3: Taking Action

This is where you can ask readers to take the next step. Determine what you want your reader to do and speak to that action. Perhaps you want them to sign up for a class, visit your website, or purchase a product. Provide the necessary description and links here. Remember to add that special spice by creating a sense of urgency. Does class registration close in one week? Does your offer expire?

Section 4: Closing it out.

An email can be an informal note of thanks, a formal offer, or an informative newsletter but don’t forget your manners; sum it up and say thank you. Also, give them a way to find you elsewhere: provide your website link, email, and social media handles. Below this, your e-newsletter platform will provide the necessary legal mumbo-jumbo and personalized additions that are set up to automatically generate in your account settings. These will include things like a physical address for authenticity purposes and a way for readers to unsubscribe or share your email if wanted.

Remember, the best emails are authentic, unique, and to the point! Don’t waste your readers’ time but also don’t forget that readers do want interesting things to be engaged with and products they love! Present it to them in a creative way!

The marketing email design example included is of recent work done for one of our favorite local chocolatiers, Sweet Signatures, in Ashburn, VA!