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Canvas of Hope

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Case Study

Eyedea is honored to join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) fight against blood cancers. We have teamed with Canvas of Hope, Linda Graziano’s team of amazing people committed to fundraising for this worthy cause.


Linda was nominated to participate in the 2020 Man/Woman of the Year competition for LLS, a philanthropic competition to support blood cancer research by individuals in communities across the United States. Her goal is to raise over $150,000 towards research, new treatments, and new therapies that are evolving to increase the lifespan and recovery of individuals diagnosed with blood cancers.


Eyedea is delighted to engage our talented team and contribute graphic design and consulting to the centerpiece of the campaign – the book Canvas of Hope.

Canvas of Hope is an interactive journal of hope and inspiration, thoughtfully curated and beautifully illustrated in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

LLS Book Design - Scan Children's Artwork

Step 1

Collect Content & Scan Images

Our first step to designing the LLS Canvas of Hope book was to carefully scan all of the artwork contributed by the 36 artists of all ages into high-resolution digital files.

LLS Canvas of Hope Logo

Step 2

Create the Logo

Second, we created the logo for the book.

LLS Canvas of Hope internal pages of book

Step 3

Create the General Style

We then established the layout for the book that would evolve along the way to include pages with the artist's images, journaling pages, inspiring stories, and poems.

Canvas of Hope - Book Design

Step 4

Finalizing for Print

After the design was finished and the editing complete, we set the book for publishing. The book was produced on a digital press, eBook, Amazon Print On Demand (KDP) and is also available in hardcover.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | Full Service Campaign Suite | Eyedea Design

Step 5

Create Social Media Marketing Assets

The next step was marketing. We helped establish social media posts, website graphics and other necessary items to help promote the book and fundraising mission.

If you wish to learn more about Canvas of Hope or to donate click this link: canvasofhope.org