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Welcome to a glimpse into the world of the package machinery manufacturers. In this ever-changing, consumer-driven environment, it’s important for manufacturers to stay up to date on current industry trends. The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) provides this valuable information to their members through state of the industry reports, marketing reports and conduct focus groups with industry leaders at events held throughout the year.


The PMMI Vision 2025 Report is a summary of focus groups conducted at the PACK EXPO, an annual event presented by PMMI. More than 50 industry professionals are interviewed. This report summarizes their challenges, best practices and future plans.

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We wanted the report to showcase this valuable industry insight in a visually entertaining way. We used bold colors and graphics to illustrate the topics discussed in the focus groups.

white paper print design for PMMI
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In the past these reports were presented as word documents with hard-to-read text and almost no graphics. There was no cohesive, branded look that expressed the importance of the information in the report.


PMMI asked us to take these word documents and create a standardized layout with better organized content, easy-to-understand infographics and a format that could be used for all of their marketing reports. Over time we noticed that some topics are common to each report so we created a group of icons that can be used from report to report keeping each topic visually identifiable.


The E-Commerce report was featured in the October 2018 issue of Packaging World.

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White paper graphic design

“We have received several comments from PMMI members stating that the design of the report has improved over the past few years making them easier to digest.”


Director, PMMI Business Intelligence

white paper graphic design