Branding Guide, Color Guide for Blend Specifixs

When Blend Specifics® was ready to rebrand their Blend Specifix® line of skin care products they reached out to Eyedea for help. They wanted a scientific look that wasn’t color and technical.


First, we created a new logo with a clean, modern feel. We also established a color pallet. Each color representing a set of products that address a skin care solution within the product line.

Print Design for Blend Specifix Skincare

After establishing the basics for the new brand we created a business card and a brochure. The brochure outlined the products and how to use them. The back featured a skin care plan that a sales representative can write in personal information and instructions about the products purchased.

We created a series of faces to show both skin types and skin concerns for use in various applications, for example the the “Build Your Personal Skin Regimen” tool that we helped to create for their website.
Graphic and Website Design for Beauty and Skincare products, Blend Specifix
Branding and Packaging Design for Skincare Products

We finished off the brand by creating the labels for each product. We used our color pallet to distinguish each set of product for each skin care solution.