House Cleaning Heroes | Case Study

House Cleaning Heroes

Saving your weekend one house at a time!

House Cleaning Heroes is a top-notch cleaning company catering to families’ homes for over 35 years. When they approached us for marketing materials that reflected their brand, we were excited to save their day!

House Cleaning Heroes Case Study | Flyer Design

Promotional Flyer

What better way to bring this brand to life than to completely dive into the retro-comic feel their logo suggests. The first item that needed rescuing was a promotional flyer that highlights their benefits and commitment to a clean and healthy home.

House Cleaning Heroes | Characters

Brand Development

We created an all-star lineup of grime-fighters, drawing from the original logo to be a recurring design element in their marketing materials.

Presentation Template

Promoting services to the local community digitally was the next plan of action, by creating an editable powerpoint template without sacrificing design.

House Cleaning Heroes | Presentation
House Cleaning Heroes | Leave-Behind Tent Card

Tent Card

Adding in energetic elements of colorful background bursts and bold sans-serif typefaces make this a modern and amusing custom thank you card clients will want to pick up.

House Cleaning Heroes | Banner Design

Event Banner

Event promotion is a great way to get your name out there, and this design scales beautifully for large-scale outdoor banners.

Video Animation

The real magic happens when you bring together motion, music, and a sense of humor. Creating a commercial and series of animated shorts makes this brand hard to forget.


Character Development

To bring the brand to life, we created additional characters based off of actual House Cleaning Heroes employees. By incorporating their unique features (even their voices!) this brand begins to exhibit a personality of its own.

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