Everyone loves a good festival. But who organizes them? Meet Kojam Productions.

About the project

Kojam Productions is an event planning service that aims to create fun, family-friendly environments that celebrate communities, and where businesses can meet face to face with event attendees and fellow community members.

They came to us in need of a new branding package to stand out from the crowd and help propel their micro business to the next level.

To facilitate this, we first created them a fun new logo that illustrated the party-like environment that they provide. To do so we first designed a one-of-a-kind type mark in a bold and funky font that we then accentuated through the use or boldly colored radial lines meant to envoke the sense of brightly colored stage lights or fireoworks. We also then designed business cards, a sub-logo set for specific events, and other branded collateral to help elevate the visual identity of this amazing small business.




Washington D.C.

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