Calling All Superheroes! An award-winning membership marketing campaign saves the day.

About the project

WINNER! Gold Trendy Award.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is a professional organization whose mission is to advance and protect the profession of nursing.

The membership marketing team was looking for a creative way to attract new members and retain current members. After some brainstorming the RN Superhero Campaign was born. We had no idea how wildly popular this would be.

We created a cast of characters and elements that would be used throughout the campaign materials. We created props, environments and sound effect bubbles to use as accents.

Several handouts, social media posts, emails and various pieces were created to use for an integrated approach to the campaign.

A crowd favorite was the graffiti wall, created to use at multiple events where attendees could sign their name with a message and use as a photo backdrop for photos.

Cast of characters
Sound effect bubbles

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