Technica is a leader in Ai and cybersecurity services.

About the project

Technica is a veteran-owned tech company at the forefront AI operations and cybersecurity services. They help to support the Federal Government’s mission to defend and protect America’s citizens against cyber threats by providing government entities with innovative technological solutions both at home and abroad.

Feeling that their previous brand was somewhat outdated, Technica tasked us with revamping brand’s identity in an effort to better align with their high-tech capabilities and distinguish them as the industry thought-leaders an innovative problem solvers that they are.

To do so, we updated their color pallet, created a new logo mark that combined all their brand elements into one cohesive mark, developed a hierarchical system which could be applied to all of their brand assets, and compiled an expansive icon set to be used throughout all of their pieces. They also needed a way to explain the complex services they provide. Thus, we created engaging infographics to simplify their complex processes in a way that people unfamiliar with the industry could understand.

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